Program Info & Rules - Laguna Niguel Holiday Faves


Official Rules & Guidelines

  • Nominees must do business (or work for non-business-related categories) within Laguna Niguel or have an active Laguna Niguel Chamber Membership. We verify all participants via the business license database, social media, and registered website. This rule is excluded for certain non-business-related categories.
  • The Laguna Niguel Holiday Faves facilitators reserve the right to remove any business that has entered the competition incorrectly or has used marketing materials, badges, language, or behavior that is not in line with the competition. Participants who violate the rules will receive a written warning about the incident.
  • If a business is caught “Stuffing Ballots”, which is breaking one of our security measures and submitting multiple ballots with the voting focus on the same business and or businesses. The software automatically flags these incidences and they are scrubbed from the final list. We have a responsibility to the businesses who participate to provide a fair and accurate voting process that ensures that no one abuses the integrity of the online competition.
  • Only one vote per category per person. Winners are chosen by people who fill out the online voting ballot. We will track IP addresses, if more than one person wants to vote within your household, they may not use the same computer, tablet, and phone, or shared network.
  • Businesses must choose and stick to no more than 3 category for the duration of the voting timeline. 
  • All voting entries must have complete information or the votes will not be counted. By participating in the Laguna Niguel Holiday Faves you grant us permission to use your business name, likeness, and or image for use in our marketing and promotional materials related to the competition and/or party. All Laguna Niguel Holiday Faves competition results are held private by the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce.
  • Winners will be announced and awarded online and through email. Winners will receive promotional materials, and bragging rights. 
  • The goal of the Laguna Niguel Holiday Faves is to create awareness for all the great small businesses we have in and around Laguna Niguel. We want the competition to be fun for all who participate.